Sally McNeil Age: How Old Is the Killer Sally Today?

Former American bodybuilder Sally McNeil married Ray McNeil, another former bodybuilder. She gained notoriety for killing her husband on Valentine’s Day in 1995, claiming at the time that it was an act of self-defense following years of domestic abuse. She was given a 19-year-to-life sentence after being found guilty of second-degree murder. But what is Sally McNeil’s current age? And where does she stand right now? We will address all of these issues and more as we examine the life and circumstances surrounding Sally McNeil, aka Killer Sally.

Who is Sally McNeil?

On September 30, 1960, Sally McNeil was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Because her father was an alcoholic and mistreated her mother, she had a difficult upbringing. She has also seen acts of violence at school and in her neighborhood. She became interested in fitness and athletics, joining her high school’s track, swimming, and diving teams. Due to financial issues, she left East Stroudsburg State College after three and a half years of study to become a gym teacher.

How did Sally McNeil join the Marines?

Following in the footsteps of her brother and uncle, Sally McNeil made the decision to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. During her tenure at Camp Pendleton, she attained the rank of sergeant. During her military duty, she also began bodybuilding, and in the late 1980s, she won two U.S. Armed Services Physique Championships. Anthony Lowden was her first husband, and she met him at Parris Island. Together, they raised two kids. Nevertheless, Sally filed for divorce from Anthony, claiming that he had abused both her and the children.

How did Sally McNeil meet Ray McNeil?

In June 1987, Sally McNeil went to Camp Pendleton, where she met Ray McNeil, another bodybuilder in competition. They dated for approximately two months before getting married. Ray has competed in Mr. Olympia before and wanted to be a professional bodybuilder. Sally encouraged him to pursue his goals and even purchased steroids for him from Mexico. She also began a business earning $300 per hour as a wrestler for video productions. She was referred to as “Killer Sally” because of her powerful build.

How did Sally McNeil kill Ray McNeil?

Ray McNeil, according to Sally McNeil, was a harsh and abusive spouse who frequently hit her and the kids. She claimed that he was hostile and paranoid due to his steroid use. In addition, she accused him of having extramarital affairs—even with guys. Valentine’s Day was February 14, 1995, and after a heated disagreement that turned violent, Sally and Ray got into a fight. Sally pulled out a shotgun she had purchased for defense, and she fired two shots at Ray, striking him in the face and the abdomen. Subsequently, she dialed 911 and informed the operator that she had murdered her spouse due to his physical abuse.

How did Sally McNeil get convicted?

Following her arrest, Sally McNeil faced murder charges. She entered a not-guilty plea and contended that her actions were justified because she was afraid for her life and the lives of her children. She also provided witness accounts, medical documents, and pictures of Ray’s wounds as proof of her abuse. The prosecution, however, painted Sally as a vicious, envious woman who was too strong to be beaten. They called into doubt her veracity and drew attention to the contradictions in her claims. They proposed that Sally kill Ray, not out of fear but rather out of resentment and rage. Following the jury’s verdict of second-degree murder, Sally was given a sentence ranging from 19 years to life in prison.

How old is Sally McNeil today?

As of 2024, Sally McNeil was 64 years old. She has been detained at the Central California Women’s Facility since 1996, and she remains there. The parole board has repeatedly refused to grant her parole because they believe she poses a risk to the public. She has consistently maintained her innocence and made multiple unsuccessful appeals against her conviction. Her children, who were moved to live with their grandmother in Pennsylvania following the murder, are no longer in communication with her. She has apologized for killing Ray, but she has also stated that she was forced to act because he would have murdered her if she hadn’t.


A contentious character, Sally McNeil has been the focus of numerous books, articles, and documentaries. Some people believe that she was a victim of domestic violence who had her hopes dashed by the media and the legal system. Some see her as a cold-blooded killer who killed her husband without a second thought. Her story highlights significant concerns regarding gender norms, bodybuilding culture, and domestic abuse. The Killer Sally, Sally McNeil, is still incarcerated today.


  1. How old is Sally McNeil? Sally McNeil was born in 1960, making her 63 years old as of October 26, 2023.
  2. What was Sally McNeil known for? Sally McNeil was a successful female bodybuilder who won several championships.
  3. Why was Sally McNeil in prison? Sally McNeil was convicted of second-degree murder for the shooting death of her husband.
  4. Is Sally McNeil out of prison? Yes, Sally McNeil was released from prison in 2021.
  5. What is Sally McNeil doing now? Details about her current life are private, but reports suggest she is remarried and living a quiet life.

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