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Olivia Rodrigo’s “bad idea right?” isn’t your typical heartbreak ballad. It delves into the messy aftermath of a relationship, exploring themes of lingering feelings, internal conflict, and the temptation to reconnect with an ex. Through raw and relatable lyrics, the song paints a picture of a young woman grappling with mixed signals and the desire to move on. Let’s unpack the emotional rollercoaster within each verse and chorus.

A Familiar Voice: A Call from the Past

The song opens with a blunt statement: “Hey I haven’t heard from you in a couple months / But I’m out right now and I’m all fucked up and you’re calling my phone and you’re all alone.” This sets the stage – the narrator is trying to move on, but a call from her ex throws her off balance.

Disconnecting from the Past: Ignoring the Urge to Respond

Lines like “Can’t hear my thoughts (I cannot hear my thoughts) Like blah-blah-blah (Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah)” showcases the narrator’s internal struggle. She wants to ignore the call but is tempted to reconnect.

The Power of Denial: Ignoring Reality

The line “Yes I know that he’s my ex / But can’t two people reconnect?” reveals a touch of naivety or self-deception. The narrator might be downplaying the potential complications of reconnecting with someone who hurt her.

A World of Maybe: Questioning Boundaries

Lines like “We only see each other when it’s late / And I’m stupid for it but it feels like fate” suggest a pattern of unhealthy behavior. The narrator recognizes the destructive nature of these late-night encounters but feels powerless to resist.

A Fading Memory: Recalling Happier Times

The line “Remember that night, dancing on the boardwalk / Underneath the flashing lights, felt like a brand new start” signifies a brief moment of nostalgia. The narrator remembers the good times in the relationship, making it harder to let go completely.

A Spiral of Doubt: Questioning Her Resolve

The repeated “It’s a bad idea, right? Seeing you tonight, it’s a bad idea, right?” is the core of the song. It represents the narrator’s internal conflict – she knows reconnecting is risky but can’t resist the temptation.

A Glimpse of Hope: Yearning for a Different Path

The line “Maybe I should rewrite the story I’ve been living” hints at a desire for change. The narrator might be starting to recognize the need to break free from unhealthy patterns.

Breaking the Cycle: Confronting Inner Demons

Lines like “Tell me who the hell I am, who the hell am I to expect a savior” showcase introspection and a willingness to confront her shortcomings. The narrator might be taking the first steps toward self-acceptance and healing.

A Long Road Ahead: Facing the Unknown

The song concludes on a hopeful but uncertain note: “But God I need a favor, Amen.” While the narrator is taking control and making an effort to move forward, the path to healing remains unclear. She might still need support to fully let go of the past.


bad idea right?” is a relatable song that captures the complexities of moving on from a relationship. It explores the internal struggles, the temptation to reconnect, and the journey towards self-discovery. The song leaves us wondering – will the narrator find the strength to break free from the cycle and rewrite her story?


  1. What genre is “bad idea right?” – Pop

  2. Who wrote “bad idea right?” – Olivia Rodrigo (possibly with other collaborators)

  3. What is the song about? – A young woman grappling with mixed signals and the temptation to reconnect with an ex, despite knowing it’s a bad idea.

  4. What is the significance of the repeated line “bad idea right?” – It represents the narrator’s internal conflict as she wrestles with her desires and logic.

  5. Why is “bad idea right?” so relatable? – The song captures the universal experience of struggling to move on from someone who hurt you, even when you know it’s the best course of action.

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