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Rainy Day Memories: Reflecting on Trời Ngược Nguyên Sí Kha in 2023

The second album, “Rainy Day Memories,” was published on February 14, 2023, by Nguyen Si Kha, the Vietnamese singer-songwriter who gained popularity with his debut album “The Sun and the Moon” in 2020. The artist’s many musical inspirations and life experiences are reflected in each of the album’s ten distinct tracks, each with its topic and style. We’ll discuss my impressions of the album as a whole and analyze each song individually.

1. Troi Nguoc (Upside Down)

The album opens with a lively pop tune that has an energetic tempo and a memorable chorus. The song expresses the desire to start over and flip everything around since it seems like you’re lost and bewildered in life. The song displays Nguyen Si Kha’s charm, vocal range, and skill at crafting memorable melodies and hooks. Since it establishes the tone for the other songs, the song is the ideal way to start the album.

2. Mua Nho (Rainy Reminiscence)

The second song is a ballad with a gentle vocal delivery and a piano accompaniment. The song is about having nostalgic and depressing thoughts about a former love on a wet day. Nguyen Si Kha performs the song with vulnerability and honesty, making it incredibly emotional and poignant. In contrast to the first song, this one displays a distinct aspect of the artist’s feelings.

3. Nguoi La (Stranger)

Rock in style, the third track features a strong percussion rhythm and guitar riff. Inquisitive and enthusiastic about a stranger who transforms your life is the theme of the song. Nguyen Si Kha delivers the song with passion and assurance, making it incredibly lively and vibrant. Highlighting the artist’s skill and variety, the song is one of the best on the album.

4. Nhung Ngay Mua (Rainy Days)

The fourth track has a harmonica and an acoustic guitar in a folk tune. The song is about appreciating the little pleasures in life, like reading a book, sipping coffee, and listening to music, on gloomy days. Nguyen Si Kha’s sweet and kind voice makes the song incredibly calming and peaceful. The song tells the listener to enjoy life’s beauty, which is a breath of fresh air.

5. Nguoi Yeu Cu (Ex-Lover)

The fifth track is an R&B tune with a soulful vocal and a beautiful beat. The song is about feeling uneasy and resentful when you run into your ex-lover. Nguyen Si Kha delivers the song with passion and attitude, making it incredibly honest and authentic. Since it captures the shared experience of a large number of individuals, the song is relatable.

6. Mua Roi (Rainfall)

Jazz with a piano and saxophone is the sixth tune. The song is about a rainy day when you fall in love and feel happy and romantic. Nguyen Si Kha performs the song with grace and tenderness; it’s really attractive and pleasant. The song is beautiful since it perfectly expresses a loving attitude.

7. Mua Ngot Ngao (Sweet Rain)

Pop music featuring a synth and drum machine may be heard in the eighth track. The message of the song is to feel happy and carefree when dancing in the rain. With vigor and joy, Nguyen Si Kha delivers a snappy and lively performance of the song. Embracing the listener to join the celebration, the song is enjoyable..

8. Mua Buon (Sad Rain)

The eighth tune has a guitar and harmonica in a blues style. The song is about wanting someone to console you while you’re feeling down and lonely on a wet day. Nguyen Si Kha’s sorrowful and agonized singing makes the song incredibly gloomy and poignant. The song is poignant because it captures the emotions of a lot of individuals.

9. Mua Nang (Sunny Rain)

The eighth tune has a trumpet and guitar in a reggae style. The song is about feeling upbeat and hopeful when the sun comes out after a downpour. Nguyen Si Kha sings a happy and grateful version of the song, which is upbeat and joyful. Because it encourages the listener to see the positive side of life, the song is uplifting.

10. Mua Ky Niem (Rainy Memories)

The tenth and last tune has an orchestra and violin with a cello and harp. The song is about reflecting on your life’s rainy moments and feeling appreciative and proud of them. Nguyen Si Kha sings the song with strength and emotion, and it is incredibly dramatic and majestic. The song is a classic because it brings the record to a powerful close.


Nguyen Si Kha’s musical prowess and creative vision are brilliantly displayed on the album Rainy Day Memories. The record explores the range of feelings and sensations that precipitation may arouse and serves as a window into the artist’s development as a human. Nguyen Si Kha’s ability and promise are evident in the CD, which is a must-listen for all music lovers and lovers of rain.


  • What is the significance of rainy days in Vietnamese culture?
  • In Vietnamese culture, rainy days are frequently connected to reflection, nostalgia, and rejuvenation. A feeling of peace and introspection is evoked by the rhythm of the rain and the variations in the atmosphere.
  • What are some ways to encourage creativity on wet days?
  • On rainy days, creative outlets may be found by partaking in writing, drawing, or even baking. Rainy days are usually inspiring and conducive to creative endeavors.
  • What routines for rainy days are suggested to improve relaxation?
  • During rainy days, routines like making a nice cup of tea, cuddling up with a good book, or playing relaxing music might help you relax more. These pursuits encourage warmth and comfort.
  • In what ways does Trời Ngược Nguyên Sí Kha impact literature and art in Vietnam?
  • In Vietnamese literature and art, Trời Ngược Nguyên Sí Kha is a theme that represents resiliency, beauty, and life’s cyclical cycle. This idea is frequently used as inspiration by artists to produce vivid pieces that encapsulate the spirit of rainy-day recollections.
  • What can we learn from cherishing our recollections of wet days?
  • Accepting the memories of rainy days teaches us the importance of perseverance, how to discover beauty in hardship, and how to cherish the few moments of peace among life’s storms. It inspires us to live in the now and look for inspiration in unlikely places.

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