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Ban Tay Lanh Nguyen Si Kha • Rainy Day Memories • 2023

The Vietnamese expression “Ban Tay Lanh Nguyen Si Kha” means “Cold Hands, Warm Heart” in English. It’s a lovely statement that suggests that despite looks, one may still be kind and sympathetic. It is also the name of a song by well-known Vietnamese singer-songwriter Nguyen Si Kha, whose album Rainy Day Memories was published in 2023. I’ll discuss the motivation and significance of this song and phrase in this blog article, along with some of my rainy-day recollections. 

The Meaning of Ban Tay Lanh Nguyen Si Kha

In Vietnamese, the expression “Ban Tay Lanh Nguyen Si Kha” literally translates to “Nguyen Si Kha’s Cold Hands.” It is intended to be seen as a metaphor for his character and musical taste rather than to be taken literally. Nguyen Si Kha is well-known for his mellow and peaceful tunes, his genuine and lyrical words, and his soft and delicate voice. He frequently sings about love, grief, nostalgia, and optimism, which moves a lot of people. For individuals who are feeling chilly, depressed, or alone, his melodies are like a warm embrace.

Ban Tay Lanh Nguyen Si Kha’s name also suggests that he is a modest and humble individual who uses music to reflect who he is rather than pursuing fame or wealth. He concentrates on the more profound and significant parts of life rather than the surface-level ones. Even if it makes him appear weak, he is not hesitant to display his feelings and vulnerabilities. He is an example of someone with a cool exterior and a cozy interior.

The Inspiration Behind the Song Ban Tay Lanh

Nguyen Si Kha’s album Rainy Day Memories, which was published in February 2023, includes the song Ban Tay Lanh. The ten tracks on the CD are each based on a distinct rain-related memory or event. The rainy day in Hanoi on which Nguyen Si Kha met the girl who ended up changing his life served as the inspiration for the song Ban Tay Lanh.

Nguyen Si Kha claims that when he was feeling down and lonely on the street, he noticed a girl selling flowers beneath an umbrella. Though the weather was dismal and the job was arduous, she had a positive attitude and a bright grin. She drew him in, and he chose to purchase a flower from her. He touched her hand, which was damp with rain and chilly, as he gave her the money. Abruptly, he was overcome with warmth and tenderness, and he knew he was in love.

She identified herself as Lan when he inquired what her name was. She offered him her phone number when he asked for it. She replied in the affirmative when he asked to see her again. With a sense of optimism and happiness, he thanked her for the flower. Feeling as though he had finally discovered his true love, he left with the flower and her phone number in hand.

That evening, he created the song Ban Tay Lanh to convey his love for her. He sang about wanting to be with her forever and how her icy touch had warmed his heart. He sang about how happy she was to see him and how she was his sunshine on a wet day. He sang about hoping she felt the same way and being excited to meet her once more. 

The Reception of the Song Ban Tay Lanh

The lead track from the album Rainy Day Memories, Ban Tay Lanh, shot to popularity right away. It became very popular abroad, particularly in Southeast Asia, and peaked at the top of the charts in Vietnam. Both reviewers and enthusiasts gave it high marks for melody, lyrics, and passion. In addition, it received nominations for Song of the Year, Best Pop Song, and Best Male Vocal Performance, among other honors.

Many listeners were able to relate to the content and mood of the song Ban Tay Lanh. Many told their tales of having a chilly hand but a warm heart or of falling in love on a wet day. Nguyen Si Kha was also praised and supported by a large number of individuals, who also complimented him for his music.

The song Ban Tay Lanh also inspired many covers, remixes, and parodies, by both professional and amateur artists. Some of the most notable ones include:

  • A rock version was performed by the group Da Nang Rockers, who gave the song additional energy and added drums and electric guitars.
  • A rap version of the song includes a guest appearance by vocalist Thuy Tien, as well as additional lines and lyrics by MC Hoang.
  • A jazz rendition of the song was performed by vocalist Ha Tran, who also added a piano, saxophone, and a more elegant and smooth manner.
  • A humorous rendition of the song by Hai Dang, a duet that also incorporated sound effects and jokes to mock Nguyen Si Kha and his love tale.

My Rainy Day Memories

As a fan of Nguyen Si Kha and his music, I also have some rainy day memories that I would like to share. Here are some of them:

  • I was riding the bus home from school when I heard the song Ban Tay Lanh for the first time. I was feeling weary and bored, and it was pouring a lot. I listened to the song on my phone while wearing headphones. I had a surge of emotion when I listened to the music. It seemed as though I were in Nguyen Si Kha’s shoes, and I dreamed of finding someone who would share his emotions with me. I connected with the music and had a glimmer of happiness and optimism.
  • I was dating a girl I liked when I heard the song Ban Tay Lanh for the second time. We were strolling in the park while it was softly raining. We appreciated each other’s company and had a lot in common. We chose to have a conversation while sitting on a bench. Pulling out her phone, she started playing Ban Tay Lanh. She asked me whether I enjoyed the song as well, stating that it was her favorite. With a smile, I said “yes.” She gave me a grin in return and took my hand. Her heart was warm, even if her hand was frigid. I had a rush of happiness and affection.
  • I was traveling to Vietnam on an aircraft when I heard the song Ban Tay Lanh for the third time. I was frightened and eager at the same time since it was raining outside. I had won a sweepstakes ticket to go to Nguyen Si Kha’s concert and backstage, so I was going to see him in person. I had long been an admirer of his, so I was ecstatic about my good fortune. I listened to Ban Tay Lanh through my headphones. I was filled with appreciation and eagerness as I sang along. I had the impression that I would run across my friend and idol. 


Ban Tay Lanh Nguyen Si Kha • Memories of Rainy Days A lot of people, including me, have been moved and motivated by the phrase, song, album, and narrative 2023. It’s an album that features a gifted and real artist, a story that depicts a fantastic and unforgettable event, a phrase that describes a lovely and important notion, and a song that sings of a nice and genuine emotion. I will always treasure and remember this sentence, song, album, and narrative. I hope you will find enjoyment and appreciation in the phrase, song, album, and tale as much as I have. I appreciate you taking the time to read this blog article, and I hope that today—rain or shine—is fantastic for you.


  • What role does Ban Tay Lanh Nguyên Sí Kha play in Vietnamese society?
  • In Vietnamese tradition, Ban Tay Lanh Nguyên Sí Kha represents serenity and comfort in the face of hardship. It stands for the soft, comforting touch that comes with rainy days.
  • What are some ways to get creative on wet days?
  • On rainy days, creative pursuits like journaling, drawing, or listening to music may inspire creativity. Accepting the atmosphere of rain frequently encourages reflection and creativity.
  • Are there any particular customs in Vietnamese culture connected to rainy days?
  • Rainy-day traditions with loved ones, listening to traditional music, and sipping hot tea or soup are all part of Vietnamese culture. These customs foster a feeling of coziness and closeness.
  • How do the artists use Ban Tay Lanh Nguyên Sí Kha in their creations?
  • Rainy day experiences are captured in evocative works created by artists who are inspired by Ban Tay Lanh Nguyên Sí Kha. This might be using images of rain, portraying serene settings, or delving into themes of reflection and resiliency.
  • What can we learn from cherishing our recollections of wet days?
  • Embracing rainy-day memories teaches us the importance of appreciating quiet times, developing perseverance in the face of adversity, and finding beauty in simplicity. It inspires us to live in the now and look to the soft patina of rain for inspiration.

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