A Son’s Regret: Decoding the Emotional Journey in Morgan Wallen’s “Thought You Should Know” Lyrics

Morgan Wallen’s “Thought You Should Know” isn’t your typical country ballad. It delves into a deeper terrain, exploring themes of regret, missed connections, and the yearning for a mother’s forgiveness. Through heartfelt lyrics, the song paints a picture of a son reflecting on his past mistakes and their impact on his relationship with his mother. Let’s unpack the emotional core of this song, uncovering the hidden messages within each verse and chorus.

A Call to Mom: Reaching Out After Silence

The song opens straightforwardly: “What’s goin’ on, Mama? Somethin’ just dawned on me / I ain’t been home in some months.” This sets the stage – after a period of estrangement, the narrator reaches out to his mother with a realization.

Chasing Dreams (and Trouble): A Life on the Road

Lines like “Been chasin’ songs and women, makin’ some bad decisions / God knows I’m drinkin’ too much” showcase the narrator’s lifestyle choices. He acknowledges his mistakes and the toll they might have taken on his mother.

A Mother’s Worry: Yearning for Her Son’s Well-Being

The line “Yeah, I know you’ve been worried about me / You’ve been losin’ sleep since ninety-three” suggests a long history of concern. The narrator recognizes his mother’s worry and the emotional strain his absence might have caused.

Beyond Material Apologies: A Desire for Deeper Connection

The line “Because you know I care that’s why you keep on comin’ there” implies the narrator believes his mother sees his genuine love beneath his flaws. He prioritizes reconnecting on an emotional level, not just through material displays of amends.

A Missed Opportunity: Reflecting on a Troubled Past

Lines like “We used to laugh about nothin’ now it just feels strange” highlight a shift in their relationship. The narrator feels a sense of loss, missing the easy connection they once shared.

A Mother’s Love: Unwavering Despite Challenges

The repeated line “You’re still my momma” emphasizes the enduring nature of a mother’s love. Despite the distance and mistakes, the narrator knows his mother’s love remains constant.

A Touch of Bravado: A Flawed Son’s Attempt at Humor

The line “I almost said I loved you your ass right after we fucked” reveals a moment of bravado that might mask deeper emotions. The narrator struggles to express his vulnerability, resorting to a less conventional approach.

The Desire to Understand: Yearning for a Mother’s Perspective

The line “Don’t know why girl it was on the tip of my tongue” hints at the narrator’s internal conflict. He wants to express his feelings openly but struggles to find the right words.

A Turning Point: Seeking Reconciliation

The line “Found someone I’m fallin’ for, you” suggests a realization. The narrator might be seeking not just forgiveness but also a chance to rebuild their bond.

A Call for Connection: Moving Forward Together

The repeated “Hit me back we’re talkin’ more now the bodies that you C” showcases a desire for deeper communication and a more open relationship. The narrator wants to move past the past and build a stronger future connection with his mother.


“Thought You Should Know” is a powerful song that transcends the boundaries of a typical country ballad. It explores the complexities of family relationships, the weight of regret, and the enduring power of a mother’s love. The song leaves us wondering – will the narrator’s attempt at reconciliation be successful, and can their bond be repaired?


  1. What genre is “Thought You Should Know”? – Country / Pop

  2. Who wrote “Thought You Should Know”? – Shane Craddock, Josh Jenkins, and Matt Triplett (possibly with other collaborators)

  3. What is the song about? – A son reaching out to his mother after a period of estrangement, acknowledging his mistakes and seeking forgiveness.

  4. What is the significance of the repeated line “You’re still my momma”? – It emphasizes the enduring nature of a mother’s love, even amidst challenges and distance.

  5. Why is “Thought You Should Know” considered such a relatable song? – The song explores universal themes

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