The Timeless Tune: Doraemon’s Hindi Song Lyrics

Doraemon, the beloved blue robotic cat from the future, has captured children’s hearts not only through his exploits but also through his theme song. For Indian fans of the program, the catchy lyrics of the Hindi version of the Doraemon theme song make it especially memorable. Let’s investigate the magic contained in this well-known song’s lyrics.

The Enchantment of Memories

The Hindi version of the Doraemon theme tune quickly takes us back to our early years. Its sophisticated yet straightforward lyrics capture the spirit of Doraemon’s universe, where everything is possible with enough technology and imagination.

Songs with Meanings for All Children

The song’s first line is “Jeene ka sahi dhang, Sikhaate hai hum,” which translates to “We teach the right way to live.” These first few words introduce a song that teaches its young listeners a valuable life lesson, going beyond simply being a cartoon opening sequence.

The Friendship Anthem

Lyrics such as “Bana le dosti aisi, Dushman bhi ho fida,” which translates to “Make such friendships, even enemies fall in love,” highlight the value of companionship and friendship, mirroring the relationship between Doraemon and Nobita.

A Device to Solve Any Issue

The line “Pocket mein rocket hai,” which translates to “There’s a rocket in the pocket,” further emphasizes Doraemon’s limitless collection of futuristic devices. It’s a creative and entertaining approach to conveying the marvels that Doraemon brings with him in the future.

The emotional bond

The song doesn’t hold back while expressing its feelings. The proverb “Har mushkil ka hal mil jaata hai,” meaning “Every problem finds a solution,” reassures children that no challenge is too big when you have help.

The Adjustment to Culture

It was no easy task to translate the song from Japanese to Hindi. The lyricists’ ability to keep the original’s appeal while adapting it for an Indian audience is evidence of the potency of cross-cultural dialogue.


Beyond merely a pleasant melody, the Doraemon Hindi theme song combines friendship, adventure, technology, and life teachings into one cohesive whole. Kids throughout India continue to find solace and amusement in its lyrics, which have become etched in the collective memory of a generation.


  1. What is Doraemon’s significance in Indian pop culture? Doraemon holds immense significance in Indian pop culture as one of the most beloved and enduring animated characters, capturing the imagination of generations with its heartwarming stories and characters.
  2. Are Doraemon songs available in languages other than Hindi? Yes, Doraemon songs are available in various languages worldwide, including Japanese (the original language), English, and regional Indian languages, allowing fans to enjoy them in their preferred language.
  3. Who composed the music for Doraemon’s songs? The music for Doraemon songs was composed by Shunsuke Kikuchi, a renowned Japanese composer known for his work in anime and television.
  4. Can I find Doraemon songs on music streaming platforms? Yes, Doraemon songs are available on popular music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music, allowing fans to listen to them anytime, anywhere.
  5. What makes Doraemon’s songs timeless and beloved by fans? Doraemon songs are timeless and beloved by fans for their catchy melodies, meaningful lyrics, and nostalgic appeal, transporting listeners to the whimsical world of Doraemon with each note.

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