Stuck Like Glue: Unveiling the Meaning Behind beabadoobee’s “Glue Song” Lyrics

Ever felt a connection so strong it feels like you’re glued together? That’s the experience Beabadoobee captures perfectly in her heartwarming song, “Glue Song.” Let’s dive into the lyrics and discover the story behind the sweet melody.

Finding “The One”: A Love Unexpected

The song opens with a declaration of finding someone, unlike anyone Beabadoobee has ever known. This sets the tone for a relationship that feels unique and extraordinary.

Tangled Up in Love: A Powerful Metaphor

The use of “tangled in love” beautifully portrays the feeling of being completely intertwined with another person. It suggests a deep emotional connection and a sense of being inseparable.

The Importance of Affection: A Playful Reminder

The line “Don’t forget to kiss me or else you’ll have to miss me” adds a touch of playfulness to the lyrics. It emphasizes the importance of physical affection and intimacy in maintaining the bond.

Forever Stuck: A Commitment Worth Celebrating

The chorus, “I guess I’m stuck forever by the glue, oh and you,” is a joyous declaration of commitment. Beabadoobee embraces the idea of being permanently connected to this special person.

Crafting the Perfect Words: A Songwriter’s Journey

The verse “Finding the right words to use for this song” offers a glimpse into the creative process. It highlights the effort Beabadoobee puts into expressing her heartfelt emotions through music.

Love at First Sight: A Dream Come True

The lyrics “Never thought I’d find you, but you’re here” suggest a sense of serendipity. It portrays a love story where the partner arrives unexpectedly, fulfilling a long-held desire.

Unconditional Love: A Simple Declaration

The simple line “And so I love you” speaks volumes. It expresses a deep and unconditional love that transcends the need for grand gestures or elaborate explanations.

Stuck on You: A Repetition for Emphasis

The repetition of “I’ve been stuck by the glue onto you” throughout the song reinforces the central message. It emphasizes the strength and permanence of the bond between the two lovers.

A Never-Ending Connection: A Lyrical Outro

The song concludes by repeating “I’ve never known someone like you,” leaving a lasting impression of a love story that feels both new and timeless.


Glue Song” is a beautiful ode to a love that feels strong and everlasting. beabadoobee’s relatable lyrics and heartfelt delivery make this song a relatable anthem for anyone who has experienced the joy of finding their soulmate.


  1. What genre is “Glue Song”? – Indie Rock

  2. Who wrote “Glue Song”?Beabadoobee (possibly with other collaborators)

  3. What is the song about? – Finding a deep and lasting love connection.

  4. What is the metaphor used in the song? – “Glue” symbolizes the strength and permanence of the bond between the lovers.

  5. What makes the song so popular? – The relatable lyrics, catchy melody, and positive message about love.

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