Skip Tickets and Their Uses in Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends has a wide option of game modes and events that give players a high chance of obtaining various items and materials that they can use to strengthen their units and climbing their battle ranks to the top.

One of the things you need to know about is the Dragon Ball Legends skip ticket. Usually, players neglect this item as they have no idea what to use it for, and how to properly use it. 

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How to Obtain Dragon Ball Legends Skip Tickets

Dragon Ball Legends

If you are planning to grind skip tickets in Dragon Ball Legends, the first place that you have to go is the Legends Road. 

The Legends Road is an event that appears in the game that allows the players to compete with several enemies in different stages. Winning a stage grants the player a hefty amount of rewards such as Chrono Crystal, Turtle Medal, and Z-power.

Other than these rewards, this event is also a good source of skip tickets. By visiting the exchange shop, there will always be a refreshed stock which also includes 300 skip tickets. So far, the exchange shop in the Legends Road gives the highest amount of skip tickets in one go. 

Aside from the Legends Road, you can also get skip tickets from event adventure exchange shops and by completing the Let’s Fight! Event. Lastly, you can also get kip tickets from the co-op exchange shop anytime. All you need is to prepare 50 Dual Coins to get 10 skip tickets.

Where to Use Dragon Ball Legends Skip Tickets

At first, some players think that skip tickets are not so important that they spend them at all. But here is what you can do with all those skip tickets you earned.

When you have already collected enough skip tickets with you, these can actually be used and converted into souls which are essential in making your units stronger and more powerful. Souls are items specific to your units that are used for soul boost. Soul boost is a process wherein you can upgrade a particular stat of the unit you choose. 

To do this, simply click Menu > Characters > Soul Boost, and then select a character you want to upgrade.

What makes this important in making your units strong is that the stat increase is both useful and effective in PvP and vs AI modes. That being said, having enough skip tickets is helpful for the stats of your characters.

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