Sing it Loud and Clear! Happy Birthday Song Lyrics In Hindi

Celebrating life, joy-sending, and, of course, belting out the classic “Happy Birthday” song are the main goals of birthdays. However, did you know that there’s a lively Hindi rendition known as “Janamdin Mubarak” that means “Happy Birthday”? Let’s examine the lovely words happy birthday song lyrics in Hindi and even find some entertaining alterations to give your upcoming birthday celebration a unique flair!

Traditional “Janamdin Mubarak”

The most popular version of the song “Happy Birthday” in Hindi is this one. The lyrics are as follows:

  • Happy Birthday, Janamdin! Mubarak ho tumhe.
  • Happy Birthday, Janamdin! Mubarak ho tumhe.
  • Many blessings in the form of affection and happiness
  • May this year bring you joy and happiness.

Guide to Pronunciation:

  • Juh-num-din, Janamdin
  • Moo-ba-rak, Mubarak
  • Bu-hut sah-rah, Bahut saara
  • Pyaar – Pyaar
  • Khushi-aan—Kushiyan
  • Milen/MMi-len
  • Iss Saal

Including a Personal Note: Additional Verses

Wishing someone a belated birthday? Here’s another song you can sing:

  • We all pray. Hum sab karte hain yeh dua.
  • May you live a happy and fulfilled life, Zindagi Rahe Sada Khushhaal.
  • May you experience unending joy, Har Khushi ho tumhare saath.

Guide to Pronunciation:

  • Hum sab
  • Yeh dua karte hain. Yeh doo-aa kar-te hain.
  • Zin-du-gi, Zindagi
  • Khushhaal Rahe Sada.
  • Khushi Har

Greetings from Tumhare Saath: Tum-ha-re Saath

  • Happy Birthday to All Ages!
  • People of various ages can sing “Janamdin Mubarak.” Here’s a creative twist for kids’ birthdays:
  • Happy Birthday, Janamdin! Mubarak ho tumhe.
  • “We brought cake and chocolates,” the speaker said.
  • Let’s play, sing, and have a good time. Khelein, gaaein aur karein masti

Guide to Pronunciation:

  • Cake Kek
  • Sweet treats choc-o-lates
  • Hain Laaye Hain Laaye Hum
  • Khelein – Khelein
  • Gaaein-GGaa-ein

Masti Karein: Masti Karein

  • Above “Janamdin Mubarak” Selections for Hindi Birthday Songs
  • Are you in search of greater diversity? Other well-known Hindi birthday songs are as follows:
  • “Life is Beautiful” or “Badhiya Hai Zindagi”
  • “Yun Hi Chala Chal Rahi Zindagi” translates to “Life Continues Like This.”
  • “Jhankho Zankar Mein” or “Bells Jingling”
  • Note: These songs’ lyrics are available online.


A great idea to add a personal touch to your birthday celebrations is to sing happy birthday song lyrics in Hindi or any other Hindi birthday song. It will make the birthday person feel special and appreciated, thanks to its lovely words and kind wishes.

Thus, gather your loved ones and friends the next time you have a birthday to celebrate and start belting out these entertaining Hindi songs!


1. Is “Janamdin Mubarak” the only way to sing Happy Birthday in Hindi?

No, it’s the most common version, but there are other Hindi birthday songs you can explore.

2. How do I pronounce the Hindi lyrics correctly?

There is a pronunciation guide for each verse. You can also find audio recordings of the song online to help with pronunciation.

3. Can I add more verses to “Janamdin Mubarak”?

Absolutely! Get creative and add personalized messages to make the song even more special.

4. Where can I find the lyrics to other Hindi birthday songs?

A simple online search for “Hindi birthday song lyrics” will provide you with many options.

5. Should I sing in Hindi even if the birthday person doesn’t understand the language?

The effort of singing in their native language, even if they understand English, shows a thoughtful gesture and adds a special touch.

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