Saiyaan lyrics: A Soulful Song by Kailash Kher

Kailash Kher is one of the most renowned and versatile singers in the Indian music industry. He has sung songs in various languages, genres, and styles, such as folk, sufi, classical, rock, and pop. He has also won numerous awards and accolades for his distinctive and powerful voice.

One of his most popular and loved songs is “Saiyaan”, which is a soulful song from his album “Kailasa Jhoomo Re”. The song was released in 2007 and became an instant hit among the listeners. The song features Kailash Kher’s vocals, along with Paresh Kamath and Naresh Kamath on guitars, drums, and other instruments. The song is also written and composed by Kailash Kher himself.

Saiyan lyrics:

Heere moti main na chaahoo
main toh chaahoo samgam tera
main toh teri saiyyan
tu hai mera ….saiyyan … saiyyan tu jo chhoo le pyaar se
aaraam se mar jaaoo
aaja chanda bahoo mein
tujh mein hi gum ho jaaoo …
main … tere naam mein kho jaaoo
saiyyan … saiyyan mere din khushi se jhoome gaaye raate
pal pal mujhe dubaaye jaate jaate
tujhe jeet jeet haaroo
yeh praan praan varoo
hay aise main nihaaroo
teri aartee utaaroo
tere naam se jude hai saare naate
saiyyan … saiyyan banke maala prem ki tere tan pe jhar jhar jaaoo
baithoo naiya preet ki
sansaar se thar jaaoo tere pyaar se tar jaaoo
saiyyan … saiyyan yeh naram naram nasha hai…badhtajaaye
koi pyaar se ghungatiya deta udaaye
ab baawra hua mann
jag ho gaya hai roshan
yeh nayee nayee suhaagan
ho gayee hia teri jogan koi prem ki pujaarun mandir sajaaye
saiyyan … saiyyan
heere moti main na chaahoo
main toh chaahoo samgam tera
main na jaanu
tu hi jaane
main toh teri
tu hai mera
main na jaanu
tu hi jaane
main toh teri
tu hai mera
main toh teri ………… tu hai mera

Saiyaan song Lyrics:

हीरे मोती मैं ना चाहूँमैं तो चाहूँ संगम तेरामैं तो तेरी, सैयां तू है मेरासैयां सैयांतू जो, छू ले, प्यार से आराम से मर जाऊंआजा, चँदा, बाहों में तुमें ही गुम हो जाऊँ मैं,तेरे नाम में खो जाऊंसैयां सैयां
सैयां सैयांमेरा दिल खुशी से झूमें, गायें रातेंपल-पल मुझे डुबाए जाते-जातेतुझे जीत-जीत हारूं ये प्राण-प्राण वारूँहाय ऐसे मैं निहारू तेरी आरती उतारूँतेरे नाम से जुड़े है सारे नातेसैयां सैयांये नरम-नरम नशा है, बढ़ता जाएकोई प्यार से घुंघटिया, देता उठायेअब बावरा हुआ मनजग हो गया है रोशनये नयी-नयी सुहागनहो गयी है तेरी जोगनकोई प्रेम की पुजारन मन्दिर सजायेसैयां सैयां

Music and Video

The music of the song is soothing and melodious, with a blend of folk and sufi elements. The song has a medium and steady tempo, which matches the mood of the lyrics. The song also has some variations in pitch and tone, which add to the emotion and expression of the singer.

The video of the song is also very appealing and captivating, as it shows Kailash Kher singing in different locations, such as a desert, a forest, a lake, and a temple. The video also shows some scenes from his concerts, where he performs with his band members and interacts with his fans. The video also has some shots of nature and wildlife, which reflect the beauty and harmony of the song.


“Saiyaan” is a beautiful and heartwarming song that celebrates love and devotion. The song has been well-received by the audience and critics alike, and has become one of the evergreen songs of Indian music. The song showcases the talent and creativity of Kailash Kher, who has once again proved that he is one of the best singers in India.

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