Exploring the Charm of “What Jhumka?” – A Lyrical Journey

“What Jhumka?” has captivated music fans with its lively melody and playful lyrics. Let’s explore the core of this music to find out what makes it unique.

An overview of “What Jhumka?”

“What Jhumka?” is a song from the film “Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani,” in which Arijit Singh, Jonita Gandhi, and Ranveer Singh sing lead roles. Amitabh Bhattacharya wrote the lyrics, while Madan Mohan and the modern maestro Pritam created the music.

The Background to the Lyrics

The song tells the story of a beautiful woman who passes through the Raebareli market and draws everyone’s attention. The lyrics humorously describe the influence of her beauty and the allure of her jhumka—earrings that seem to have a life of their own.

Music composition and arrangement

In its musical arrangement, “What Jhumka?” has a contemporary take on traditional Indian sounds. Combining modern beats with traditional instruments like the sitar and tabla creates a new and nostalgic fusion.

Visual Storytelling in the Song Video

Karan Johar’s music video, with its lively dance and vivid colors, brings the words to life. The star-studded ensemble, featuring Dharmendra, Jaya Bachchan, Shabana Azmi, Ranveer Singh, and Alia Bhatt, enhances the song’s visual appeal.

Influence on Popular Culture

Since its publication, “What, Jhumka?” has been a cultural phenomenon. It’s more than simply a song; it’s an ode to style, elegance, and the vitality of Indian marketplaces. “What Jhumka?” has come to represent something desirable and sought-after in society.

“What Jhumka?” captivates everyone.

The song’s capacity to establish a personal connection with listeners is what gives it its worldwide appeal. The words “What, Jhumka?” are sympathetic and have a way of sticking in your brain, making you want to sing along. It could be a catchy chorus.


“What Jhumka?” is a poetic outpouring of joy and beauty that speaks to people of all ages and backgrounds, not simply a song. This song’s memorable melody and lighthearted lyrics will make it memorable for years to come. As the lyrics imply, the Jhumka may have collapsed in the Bareilly market, but the song has undoubtedly made a lasting impression on us.


  1. Who wrote the lyrics for “What Jhumka”? The lyrics for “What Jhumka” were penned by [insert name of lyricist].
  2. What is the meaning of “Jhumka” in the song? “Jhumka” refers to a type of traditional Indian earring worn by women, often associated with femininity and adornment.
  3. Which singer popularized “What Jhumka”? “What Jhumka” was popularized by [insert name of singer], whose soulful rendition brought the song to life.
  4. Is “What Jhumka” part of a movie soundtrack or album? Yes, “What Jhumka” is part of the soundtrack/album of [insert name of movie or album], adding to its allure and popularity.
  5. Are there any cover versions or adaptations of “What Jhumka”? Yes, “What Jhumka” has inspired several cover versions and adaptations by aspiring singers and musicians, showcasing its enduring appeal.

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