Decoding the Drama: Understanding the Lyrics of “That’s Not How This Works”

If you’ve ever been stuck in a confusing on-again, off-again relationship, Charlie Puth’s “That’s Not How This Works” might feel like your anthem. The song perfectly captures the frustration, mixed emotions, and yearning for clarity that often accompany these situations. Let’s delve into the lyrics of “That’s Not How This Works” and explore the story it tells.

The Cycle Begins: Disappearing Acts and Mixed Signals

The song opens with the line “Thought the day you disappeared, that it was over.” This sets the stage for a relationship marked by inconsistency and the singer’s confusion.

Clinging to Hope: “Didn’t Even Hear You Leavin'”

The line “Didn’t even hear you leavin‘” suggests a sudden and unexpected end to what might have seemed like a stable phase in the relationship. The use of “hear” implies a lack of communication, adding to the sense of being blindsided.

Seeking Closure: “Saw You With Someone and Thought That It Was Closure”

The singer searches for closure by witnessing their ex with someone new. “Saw You With Someone and Thought That It Was Closure” reflects the hope that seeing the ex move on might bring some emotional resolution.

The Frustration Boils Over: “That’s Not How This Works”

The frustration becomes clear with the repeated line “That’s Not How This Works.” It highlights the ex’s illogical behavior of wanting affection after disappearing and potentially moving on with someone else.

Memories Resurface: “Stop Reminding Me of When We Said Forever”

The past comes back to haunt the singer as the lyrics reveal promises of commitment made earlier. “Stop Reminding Me of When We Said Forever” expresses the pain of those unfulfilled promises and the difficulty of letting go.

A Desire for Clarity: “Baby, Why?”

Throughout the song, the recurring question “Baby, Why?” emphasizes the singer’s yearning to understand the ex’s motivations and the reasons behind their confusing behavior.

Conclusion: A Song for the Confused Hearts

“That’s Not How This Works” perfectly captures the emotional turmoil of an on-again, off-again relationship. The song offers a relatable perspective for anyone who has grappled with mixed signals, broken promises, and the struggle to move on from an unpredictable dynamic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What genre is “That’s Not How This Works”?

A: The song falls under the pop genre with influences of R&B and soul.

Q: Who features in “That’s Not How This Works”?

A: The song is a solo performance by Charlie Puth.

Q: Does “That’s Not How This Works” have a music video?

A: Yes, Charlie Puth released a music video for the song that visually portrays the emotional themes of the lyrics.

Q: Is “That’s Not How This Works” based on a real experience?

A: While the inspiration for the song remains unknown, the lyrics resonate with experiences many people have had in confusing relationships.

Q: What songs by Charlie Puth explore similar themes?

A: Several of Charlie Puth’s songs explore themes of love, heartbreak, and navigating complex relationships. You might enjoy songs like “Attention” and “How Long.”

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