Decoding “Tennessee Orange”: A Look at Megan Moroney’s Playful Anthem

Megan Moroney’s “Tennessee Orange” has become a country favorite, capturing the hearts of fans (especially those from the Southeastern US) with its playful lyrics and relatable themes. This blog explores the song’s meaning, dissects its clever wordplay, and unpacks the story behind the catchy tune.

A Tale of Two Teams

The song revolves around a love story between a Georgia Bulldogs fan (presumably Megan herself) and a Tennessee Volunteers supporter. This sets the stage for a lighthearted exploration of college football rivalries.

Breaking the Mold

The first line, “Here Mama I’m calling, I’ve got some news,” establishes a conflict. The protagonist is about to break the news of dating a fan of the opposing team, a potential source of disapproval from her family.

The Power of Color

The title, “Tennessee Orange,” is a clear reference to the Volunteers’ signature color. It becomes a symbol for the boyfriend and the opposing team.

Beyond the Game

Despite the football rivalry, the lyrics highlight the strength of the new relationship. Lines like “He opens the door and he doesn’t make me cry” showcase qualities that transcend team loyalty.

Southern Charm

The song is filled with Southern charm, using references like “sweet tea sippin‘” and “fireflies.” These details create a relatable atmosphere for listeners familiar with the region.

The Importance of Family

While the protagonist anticipates her family’s reaction, she reassures them with lines like “I know you raised me right, there’s no right from wrong.” This highlights the importance of family while asserting her own choices.

A Soundtrack for Love

“Tennessee Orange” is more than just a football anthem; it’s a love song. The playful lyrics showcase how love can transcend differences, even those as fierce as college rivalries.

A Rising Star

The song’s success solidified Megan Moroney’s place as a rising star in country music. Her ability to capture relatable themes with a touch of humor has resonated with audiences.


“Tennessee Orange” is a delightful song that blends relatable themes with a touch of Southern charm. It’s a testament to the power of love and the complexities of navigating family expectations.


  • Is “Tennessee Orange” based on a true story? Megan Moroney hasn’t confirmed the inspiration, but it likely draws on real-life experiences.
  • What genre is “Tennessee Orange?” It falls under the umbrella of country music with a touch of pop influence.
  • Did “Tennessee Orange” make the charts? The song gained significant traction on streaming platforms but didn’t reach major Billboard charts.
  • Is there a music video for “Tennessee Orange?” Yes, the official music video features a playful storyline mirroring the song’s themes.
  • Will there be a sequel to “Tennessee Orange?” There haven’t been any announcements of a sequel, but Megan Moroney continues to release new music.

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