Decoding “Obsessed”: A Dive into Olivia Rodrigo’s Possessive Anthem


Olivia Rodrigo took the world by storm with her debut album “Sour,” and one track, in particular, continues to resonate with fans: “obsessed.” The song’s catchy melody and relatable lyrics delve into the dark side of new relationships, specifically, the insecurities that can arise when comparing oneself to a former flame.

We will dissect “Obsessed,” exploring its lyrical meaning, dissecting themes, and answering some of the most common questions fans have about the song.


  • La La La, But It’s Not Okay: Breaking Down the Catchy Intro
  • “Who You Think I Was In Love With”: Unpacking the Jealousy
  • Picture Perfect Obsession: Social Media Stalking and Self-Doubt
  • “She’s Got Those Lips, She’s Got Those Hips”: Female Comparison Takes Center Stage
  • Beyond the Looks: The Accomplished Ex
  • “Crazy But Every Time You Call My Name”: The Fear of Not Being Enough
  • Beauty Pageant Battles: The Music Video’s Symbolic Representation
  • Is “Obsessed” Empowering or Toxic? Exploring Mixed Messages
  • A Genre-Bending Masterpiece: Pop, Rock, and a Hint of Angst
  • The Legacy of “Obsessed”: A Song for the Insecure Hearts


“Obsessed” is a complex song that captures the emotional turmoil of a new relationship. While the lyrics explore unhealthy comparisons and obsessive behavior, they ultimately resonate with the vulnerability of feeling insecure. It’s a reminder that even the strongest relationships can be clouded by past shadows.


  • What is the meaning of the “La La La” intro? While seemingly lighthearted, it creates a stark contrast to the dark lyrics that follow.
  • Is “obsessed” about a specific person? The song doesn’t explicitly name anyone, allowing listeners to project their own experiences.
  • Is the song critical of social media? The constant comparison to a perfect online persona fuels the protagonist’s insecurity.
  • What is the message of the music video? The beauty pageant setting highlights the performative nature of social media and the pressure to be perfect.
  • Is there a hopeful message in “obsessed”? While acknowledging the challenges, the song doesn’t shy away from real emotions, allowing listeners to connect and move forward.

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