Anbe Anbe lyrics: A Romantic Song from Darling

Anbe Anbe is a Tamil song from the movie Darling, which was released in 2015. The song is composed by G.V. Prakash Kumar, who also sang the song along with Shreya Ghoshal. The lyrics are written by N.A. Muthukumar, who is known for his poetic and expressive style. The song is a romantic duet that expresses the feelings of the lead characters, played by G.V. Prakash Kumar and Nikki Galrani, who fall in love with each other.

Anbe Anbe lyricsMale :

Aahaa …aahaa…haa…aaahaa..haa..haa..haa..aaha

Male : Anbae anbae kollaadhae kannae kannai killaadhae
Pennae punnagaiyil idhayathai vedikaadhae
Aiyoo … unnasaivil uyirai kudikkaadhae
Anbae anbae kollaadhae kannae kannai killaadhae

Male : Pennae unathu mellidai paarthen adadaa brahman Kanjanadi
Sattrae nimirnden thalai suttri ponen aahaa avanae vallaladi
Minnalai pidithu thoorigai samaithu
Ravivarman ezhuthiya vathanamadi
Nooradi palingai aaradi aakki sirpigal sethukkiya uruvamadi
Ithuvarai mannil pirantha pennil neethaan neethaan azhagiyadi
Ithanai azhagum motham sernthu
Ennai vadhaippathu kodumaiyadi
Anbae anbae kollaadhae kannae kannai killaadhae…

Female : Koduthu vaitha poovae poovae
Aval koonthal manam solvaayaa
koduthu vaitha nadhiyae nadhiyae
Aval kulitha sugam solvaayaa
Koduthu vaitha kaalkolusae kaalalavai solvaayaa
Koduthu vaitha maniyae maarazhagai solvaayaa

Female : Aahaahaa..aahaa…haa…aaahaa..haa..haa..haa..aaha
Aahaa …aahaa…haa…aaahaa..haa..haa..haa..aaha

 Male : Azhagiya nilavil oxygen nirappi
 Angae unakkoru veedu seiven
unnuyir kaaka ennuyir kondu
Uyirukku uyiraal unai iduven

Male : Aahaahaa..aahaa…haa…aaahaa..haa..haa..haa..aaha
Aahaa …aahaa…haa…aaahaa..haa..haa..haa..aaha

Megathai pidithu meththaigal amaithu
Melliya poo unnai thoonga vaippen
Thookkathil maarbil verkkindra pothu
Natchathiram kondu naan thudaippen
Paal vanna paravai kulippatharkaaga
Panithuli ellaam segaripen
Devathai kulitha thuligalai alli
Theertham endrae naan kudippen

Male : { Anbae anbae kollaadhae } (2)
Kannae kannai killaadhae

Male : Aahaahaa..aahaa…haa…aaahaa..haa..haa..haa..aaha
Aahaa …aahaa…haa…aaahaa..haa..haa..haa..aaha

Anbe Anbe lyricsMale :

ஆண் : அன்பே அன்பே
கொல்லாதே கண்ணே
கண்ணை கிள்ளாதே
பெண்ணே புன்னகையில்
இதயத்தை வெடிக்காதே
ஐயோ உன்னசைவில்
உயிரைக் குடிக்காதே

ஆண் : அன்பே அன்பே
கொல்லாதே கண்ணே
கண்ணை கிள்ளாதே

ஆண் : பெண்ணே உனது
மெல்லிடை பார்த்தேன்
அடடா பிரம்மன் கஞ்சனடி
சற்றே நிமிர்ந்தேன் தலை
சுற்றிப் போனேன் ஆஹா
அவனே வள்ளலடி மின்னலைப்
பிடித்துத் தூரிகை சமைத்து
ரவிவர்மன் எழுதிய வதனமடி
நூறடிப் பளிங்கை ஆறடி ஆக்கிச்
சிற்பிகள் செதுக்கிய உருவமடி
இதுவரை மண்ணில் பிறந்த
பெண்ணில் நீதான் நீதான்
அழகியடி இத்தனை அழகும்
மொத்தம் சேர்ந்து என்னை
வதைப்பது கொடுமையடி
அன்பே அன்பே கொல்லாதே
கண்ணே கண்ணை கிள்ளாதே

பெண் : கொடுத்து வைத்த
பூவே பூவே அவள் கூந்தல்
மணம் சொல்வாயா கொடுத்து
வைத்த நதியே நதியே அவள்
குளித்தச் சுகம் சொல்வாயா
கொடுத்து வைத்த கால்கொலுசே
கால் அளவைச் சொல்வாயா
கொடுத்து வைத்த மணியே
மார் அழகைச் சொல்வாயா

பெண் : …………………………………

ஆண் : அழகிய நிலவில்
ஆக்ஸிஜன் நிரப்பி அங்கே
உனக்கொரு வீடு செய்வேன்
உன்னுயிர் காக்க என்னுயிர்
கொண்டு உயிருக்கு உயிரால்

ஆண் : …………………………………
மேகத்தைப் பிடித்து மெத்தைகள்
அமைத்து மெல்லிய பூ உன்னைத்
தூங்க வைப்பேன் தூக்கத்தில் மாா்பில்
வேர்க்கின்ற போது நட்சத்திரம் கொண்டு
நான் துடைப்பேன் பால் வண்ணப் பறவை
குளிப்பதற்காக பனித்துளி எல்லாம்
சேகரிப்பேன் தேவதை குளித்த துளிகளை
அள்ளித் தீர்த்தம் என்றே நான் குடிப்பேன்

ஆண் : அன்பே அன்பே
கொல்லாதே அன்பே
அன்பே கொல்லாதே
கண்ணே கண்ணை கிள்ளாதே

ஆண் : …………………………………

Meaning of the Song

The title of the song, Anbe Anbe, means “Oh, sweetheart” in Tamil. The song uses various metaphors and imagery to describe the emotions of love, such as rain, wind, fire, flowers, stars, and dreams. The song also conveys the longing and pain of separation, as well as the joy and hope of reunion. The song has four verses, each with a different mood and tone.

The first verse is sung by the male singer, who expresses his love for the female singer. He says that he saw her in his dreams and felt her presence in his heart. He compares her to a rain that quenches his thirst and a wind that caresses his skin. He also says that he cannot live without her and asks her to stay with him forever.

The second verse is sung by the female singer, who responds to the male singer’s declaration of love. She says that she also loves him and feels his warmth in her soul. She compares him to a fire that ignites her passion and a flower that spreads its fragrance. She also says that he is her life and her world and asks him to never leave her.

The third verse is sung by both singers, who express their sadness and frustration over their separation. They say that they miss each other terribly and feel lonely and restless. They compare their situation to a storm that rages in their hearts and a night that darkens their lives. They also say that they are waiting for each other and pray for their reunion.

The fourth verse is sung by both singers, who express their happiness and excitement over their reunion. They say that they have found each other again and feel complete and fulfilled. They compare their situation to a rainbow that brightens their sky and a star that guides their way. They also say that they are grateful for each other and promise to never part again.

Popularity of the Song

The song Anbe Anbe was well received by the audience and the critics alike. It was praised for its melodious tune, soulful vocals, meaningful lyrics, and beautiful visuals. The song became one of the most popular songs of 2015 and won several awards and nominations. The song also helped to boost the popularity of the movie Darling, which was a horror comedy film directed by Sam Anton. The movie was a remake of the Telugu film Prema Katha Chitram (2013) and was a commercial success at the box office.


Anbe Anbe is a song that celebrates love in all its forms and phases. It is a song that touches the hearts of the listeners with its emotional appeal and musical appeal. It is a song that showcases the talent and creativity of the composer, the singers, the lyricist, and the actors involved in it. It is a song that deserves to be listened to and appreciated by all music lovers.

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